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The snood

The snood scarf made with merino wool for urban cyclists
Made in France

The snood
The snood scarf made with merino wool for urban cyclists Made in France

The scarf that doesn’t fly away.

The snood is a closed scarf, like a big turtleneck. The Snood rolls up around your neck, it doesn’t fly away and keeps you warm very softly during your winter rides !

merino wool and merino ship Lady Harberton

The snood scarf is lined with merino wool…

…To bring you soft and thermal comfort

Thanks to its merino wool lining, Le Snood provides you the best confort with style ! The merino wool comes from the merino ships of New-Zealand. The wool guarantees the thermal regulation of your body. Antibacterial and breathable, it avoids you the sweat smells and it dries fast. It is also soft for the skin, Perfect to keep your neck warm !

patterns and colors of the snood scarf for ladies Lady Harberton

Colors and patterns, many versions of the snood exist…

women and men merino wool snood scarf for urban cyclists Lady Harberton

… There is even a unisex version !

As you were many to ask if the snood exists for men, I’ve chosen this nice blue and unisex fabric that will suit for men and women. Your beloved men won’t be jealous of your snood anymore.

Men version of the merino wool snood scarf Lady Harberton

Made in France

The snood is made with love in our workshop in Lille.

écharpe snood en laine mérinos pour cyclistes urbains Lady Harberton fabrication française
merino wool snood scarf by bike Lady Harberton

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